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History of the Big Bend Episcopal Mission's Logo at bottom of this Page
        The History of Big Bend Episcopal Mission Logo

     The Big Bend Episcopal Mission logo was designed and made to be placed at the top of a tri-fold display board for a booth at the Annual Convocation the year it was held in Taos, New Mexico. Bishop Kelshaw asked my husband and me to create a booth sharing the culture, churches and school in Terlingua and Lajitas. (The Bishop and my husband, Jack Probst, then superintendent of the Terlingua ICSD, shared a deep interest in the bond between the church, the school and the community as a whole.)

     The logo features Cathedral Mountain located to the West of Highway 118, the road  between Alpine

by Judy Probst

and Big Bend National Park, Study Butte, Terlingua and Lajitas.The shape of this mountain is also almost identical to Lajitas Mesa at the Resort Village on the Rio Grande where Episcopal services were held for many years. (16 miles past Terlingua where Episcopal services are now held in the restored Santa Inez Church).

     The logo is a series of colored pages, each with a portion of the overall image cut from it and stacked in order. The white rays at the bottom depict the outreach of our mission and the white cross, of course, represents Christianity. The brilliant colors depict the wondrous Far West Texas sunsets.

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