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         The Episcopal Church in the United States is a Province in the worldwide Anglican Communion, a loose consortium of churches which all follow similar structure and worship out of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. The Prayer Book of each Province is almost identical in structure and content to every other Prayer Book in the Anglican Communion, but retains the distinct character, nuance and language of that Province.


          The Episcopal Church is divided into geographical areas called Dioceses, each of which is led by an elected Bishop and Standing Committees made of ordained and lay people. We belong to the Diocese of the Rio Grande under the leadership Bishop. 


          Being a “mission,” the Big Bend Episcopal Mission is technically headed by the Bishop. As he has many other places to be on any given Sunday, however, he appoints a Vicar to serve in his stead. The Vicar works with an elected committee called “The Bishop's Committee” which pools the talent, vision, and wisdom of its members to lead and serve the congregation.


          The key elected leader of the Bishop's Committee is called “The Bishop's Warden”. The Bishop's Warden works closely with the Vicar (and, when necessary, the bishop) to provide the temporal and spiritual leadership of the congregation.


          The Bishop's Committee meets monthly to review the issues, decisions, and finances of the community, and to act in according to our values as given us through the Gospels and our worship. The Annual Meeting, held in January, is the big “Meeting for Business” of the congregation, when elections are held, leadership turns over, and major decisions are made.


          If you are planning a Wedding, please contact 432-386-7464 for information about weddings in the Episcopal Church.

Our Bishop

   Every Mission is under the care of the Bishop of that Diocese.

   Our newly ordained Bishop is the Rev. Canon Michael Buerkel Hunn.  He delegates that care to a Vicar working with the Bishop's Warden and Committee.

Bishop's Committee

Jean Pittman, Bishop's Warden

Larry Crawford, Member

Larry Crawford & Virginia Knab,


The Bishop's Committee of this Mission is the governing body of the church, under the leadership of the Bishop's Warden.

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