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Types of Prayer Services and Times Explained below Calendar

Prayer Services and Educational Activities Throughout the Week

Centering Prayer: Monday 12:30p and Wednesday 5:30p (Wednesday prayer resumes in September)

Held in Murray Hall this is a way of praying which does not use words. After Scripture we enter a deep silence and simply offer ourselves, our time, our whole being to God. We let the silence expand our awareness of the Holy in and through us. It is a very expansive way of praying, characterized by love alone. 


Evening Prayer: Friday nights at 5:15pm

Held in St James’ Church Prayers for Evening and the Healing of the World: This is a beautiful, ancient liturgy which includes a Psalm or two, an appointed selection from a gospel, canticles, and lovely prayers for the evening.  We pray this by candlelight.  It is a lovely way to end the week.  Everything gets put back in perspective and we leave quiet and peaceful. Self-led service.

Prayers over the Pews: Every Saturday at 3:00p

Held in St James’ Church in the tradition of Em Mallen and Margaret Weyrauch, a group at St. James faithfully meets. Those gathered move through the church praying over the pews, asking the Lord to fill them with those in need of Him—of His healing and His friendship. This has been going on without interruption since December 2010.


Stations of the Cross/Resurrection: The first Saturday of the month at 3:30p

Held in St James’ Church in this traditional service we go from station to station, following paintings on the walls around the church where we tell the events in the passion and death of Christ and offer prayers for the world.


Taizé Worship Service: The service will be held on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM (September to May).  Taizé is a worldwide reconciliation service that originated in Taizé, France. This universal service extends beyond doctrine, age, social economic status, and understanding to touch our hearts and open our minds. The Taizé service consists of meditation, music, song, sacred reading, and chants. A celebratory meal will be shared after the last service in May. Services alternate monthly between St. James and St. Paul's.